AT PLIXXENT, NOT ONLY DO WE FOCUS ON SAFETY in all our own activities and in the usage and handling of our products. We also care for our customers and offer training and assessment sessions to ensure the highest focus on safety anywhere our products go.

Employee Safety

OUR EMPLOYEES ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET, SO WE FOCUS ON CREATING A SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT FOR THEM. All staff members are trained, comprehensively and continuously, to think and act safely. Should anything happen despite these efforts, the incident will be investigated to prevent recurrence. Any accidents at work are recorded and analysed so that we can learn from them. We aim to reduce employee injuries to zero during work-related activities.

Product Safety

THE HANDLING, TRANSPORT, USAGE, RECYCLING AND DISPOSAL OF OUR PRODUCTS MUST MEET STRICT REQUIREMENTS. Many of our products are subject to extensive information disclosure rules, which we exceed by providing additional information regarding safe interaction as well as training courses. Our specialists work closely with customers, traders and the public in all areas of our business to ensure our products are safely handled.

Plant Safety

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT ALL OUR SITES MEET THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS FOR OPERATORS OF INDUSTRIAL PLANTS AND ARE MONITORED CLOSELY AND REGULARLY. Our facilities are frequently updated to incorporate the latest technology. Furthermore, an intelligent maintenance system automatically replaces components long before they fail.

Transport Safety

IN ORDER TO GUARANTEE MAXIMUM LEVELS OF SAFETY DURING TRANSPORT, our external logistics service providers are thoroughly selected through a standardised process and regularly evaluated.

Customer Safety

WE TAKE OUR COSTUMER’S SAFETY VERY SERIOUSLY. If we notice any safety issues at our or their sites, we flag them immediately. On top of that, we offer comprehensive training and assessment sessions to educate our customers on the topic of safety. These sessions are free and part of our service approach.


INCREASING ENERGY EFFICIENCY IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF MANY PU APPLICATIONS. By significantly reducing the need for fossil fuels in buildings, transportation and household appliances, PU applications achieve a positive lifetime energy balance. We contribute to sustainable development by pushing the envelope in PU innovation whenever possible.

A lasting material for a lasting impact

We strive to improve our ecobalance in each area. This includes raw materials, production and processing as well as the application and recycling of our products. Improving the end-of-life phase of our products is one of our main goals.

Pure polyurethanes can be efficiently recycled and repurposed as a filler in new PU materials or as a binder for re-milled rubber products. When this is not possible, PU hold as much energy as coal, making them excellent feedstock for thermal utilisation. PLIXXENT is part of RePurpose, a project that focuses on the reuse and recycling of polyurethanes. The goal is to develop economic solutions that return old PU to their chemical starting point, making them fully recyclable.

Polyurethanes help fight climate change

Most cars and lorries contain various PU applications to reduce vibration, noise and heat emissions, ensure comfort and maximise safety. In all of these cases, PU replace heavier materials, reducing the overall weight of the vehicle and thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

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