We make PU
Up to 94%

Polyurethane Systems for a better tomorrow

Polyurethane is one of the most versatile products, suitable for a wide range of applications. But like all plastics, it is largely produced from fossil sources. Or rather, it was. With PUre³ Solutions, we are now introducing a new range of polyurethane systems made from up to 94% reused, recycled, and/or renewable raw materials.

Tackling The Challenges Of The Future

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. At PLIXXENT, we take our responsibility to meet this challenge with innovative and sustainable processes, materials and solutions and thus make our contribution to a future worth living. We are working every day to create sustainable polyurethane formulations that pave the way to climate neutrality – for us and for our customers.

Our PUre³ Solutions product lines offer customers high-quality, sustainable polyurethane alternatives for every application – whether flexible or rigid, foamed, or compact.

OUR PUre3 Approach

We rely on three main pillars regarding the raw materials and the production processes
for manufacturing and processing our sustainable polyurethane systems.


Reducing the amount of fossil raw materials by using renewable, natural ones, e. g. producing polyols from plants and by offering ISCC + certified mass balanced systems.


Energy- and CO2-saving production processes, both through the use of green electricity and certified natural gas at PLIXXENT, as well as through a product design that reduces the amount of energy used in our customers’ production.


Reusing recycled materials to produce our PUre³ Solutions to minimize waste.


We work closely with industry partners and research institutes to develop economic solutions that return old PU to their chemical starting point, making them fully recyclable

“With PUre³ Solutions we take our responsibility for the future to the next level. We support customers from a wide range of industries in producing more sustainable products and achieving their own climate goals.“
Dr. Jörg Schottek, CEO PLIXXENT