Green Without Compromise



Go green without any compromise. PLIXXENT is the first supplier that enables its customers to develop safety shoes based on up to 70% renewable raw materials.

Up to now, it was no easy task to develop a polyester from renewable raw materials. The raw materials were in short supply, and it seemed impossible to meet all the quality standards. Karsten Mueller, key account manager at PLIXXENT: ‘It was really just impossible to use renewable raw materials. This has everything to do with consistent quality. In the safety footwear industry this is really crucial, but so far the quality varied far too much. So there was simply no suitable alternative’. Certainly in a business where properties such as density, tensile strength, tear resistance and elongation at break matter a great deal. Mueller: ‘With the material we now have, we can deliver the same high quality that customers have come to expect of us. In short, we go greener without any compromise!’

Quality requirements

For Mueller and his colleagues, the search for renewable resources began there. Raw materials suitable for reuse, suitable for existing production systems and that meet all the quality requirements. In order to ultimately arrive at a high-quality starting material for the shoes, a plurality of components is merged. And that is where the expertise of PLIXXENT stands out. A polyol, a cross-linker and isocyanate in the correct composition and in the proper proportions, creates a unique product that is characterised by a consistent quality in accordance with the standards and wishes of the customer. ‘Like no other, we know everything about the composition of the product and we know the impact of raw materials on, for example, elasticity, tensile strength and elongation at break. With the knowledge and the products that we now have in house, we are able to give our customers an edge. Together we can take a sustainable step, without any compromise on quality and safety’.  


PLIXXENT researched and developed a new system and now presents it proudly to the market. Mueller: ‘As a leading player in the chemical industry, it is our duty and mission to always continue to see how things can be done greener and better’. In their market, PLIXXENT customers are also being increasingly confronted by questions about their ecological footprint. What is left once the shoes are worn out? What happens at the end of their life? ‘So we went back into the process with our customer and looked at where we can exert an influence, and we found that it really begins at the start of the process, with the starting material. There lies our knowledge and expertise’.

Up to 70% renewable raw materials

  • Completely similar in use and production
  • Verified measurement results
  • Equal useful life


PLIXXENT originated from four European polyurethane specialists who joined forces at the end of 2019. The collaboration has resulted in a company with a large European network that shares all knowledge and experience in the field of polyurethane and adds value.

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