Spray elastomers

Spray systems based on polyurethane serve as wear and corrosion protection for metals and, depending on the degree of hardness, have a slip-resistant and even sound-insulating effect. Tailored to the respective application, the 2-component spraying systems can be adapted from tough and hard to highly elastic. Even without environmentally harmful plasticizers the coatings are very […]

Cast elastomers

Polyurethane cast elastomers are a convincing alternative for high-quality and durable end products with outstanding properties. Especially in comparison to rubber and thermoplastic materials, the material impresses with more cost-effective moulds and processing equipment. The multitude of good mechanical properties of polyurethane cast elastomers is only exceeded by the shier endless number of application possibilities. […]


Polyurethane-based elastomers have special properties that cannot be realised with other thermoplastics. Among other things, they are highly resilient, free of plasticisers and resistant to numerous chemical substances such as oils, greases and solvents. Wear-resistant, impact-resistant, temperature and weatherproof – due to their outstanding mechanical properties, polyurethane elastomers are used primarily where natural rubber or other synthetic […]