Spray foam and pouring

Unlimited thickness and the ability to fill any given space or shape make polyurethane spray foam insulation an ideal solution for a wide array of construction applications. The foam creates a sealed envelope and protects any space, room or building from outside cold and heat influences.  Apart from it’s outstanding usability, the advantages range from […]

Window shutters

Window shutters are commonly made of one of four materials: PVC, extruded aluminium and good old wood are widely used. The most durable and lightweight alternative however, is the fourth one: profiled aluminium, filled with rigid polyurethane foam, which plays an important role in the shutter’s overall performance.  As part of a sandwich structure, polyurethane […]

Wood imitation

In this application, PLIXXOPOL works as a substitute to wooden decks, decorative elements, moldings, housings and many other applications. It is more resistant to weathering and extreme temperatures than wood, and shows a much longer life span in certain applications. Rot, deformation and deterioration are no longer a concern. The great versatility of PLIXXOPOL as […]


With excellence in durability and performance, polyurethane has proven itself for decades as the preferred insulation material in district heating pipes and joints. The material reduces energy losses many times over and therefore saves both money and natural resources.

Cold chambers

Due to its high insulation value in a temperature range from -50 to 150°C, polyurethane is the preferred material to insulate cold rooms and cooling appliances. With superior flowability, two-component rigid foam systems can fill the most complex shapes of refrigerators and cool cabinets. The material also allows to manufacture sandwich panels and doors for […]

Insulation boards

Insulation boards are rigid foam boards with flexible facings such as aluminum foil, multi-laminate foil, paper, glass fleece or others. As the most cost-effective way to insulate a building, they are utilized in almost every form of construction, from single-family homes to commercial buildings, farms and industrial facilities. Polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam cores […]

Metal sandwich panels

Metal sandwich panels are insulating panels for industrial, agricultural and utility construction. They consist of metal skins with a rigid foam core made of polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR). Both materials are sturdy, lightweight and provide a high insulation value compared to other insulation materials. They take up little space, making them the most cost-effective […]


When we speak of the construction industry, one key word is particularly important: insulation.The pursuit of sustainability determines the future of our entire society. From the selection of materials and processing to the energy-efficient operation of buildings and the final recycling of building materials, sustainability is one of the essential factors in modern construction.  Polyurethane […]