Cold chambers

The only missing feature: thermal conductivity

Due to its high insulation value in a temperature range from -50 to 150°C, polyurethane is the preferred material to insulate cold rooms and cooling appliances. With superior flowability, two-component rigid foam systems can fill the most complex shapes of refrigerators and cool cabinets. The material also allows to manufacture sandwich panels and doors for cold rooms with a narrower wall thickness, optimizing the volume of the cool unit. Our wide portfolio of polyurethan systems and blowing agents already covers most customer’s needs. Nevertheless, we gladly provide customized products if needed.

Product Type

  • Flexible Compact
  • Flexible Foamed
  • Rigid Compact
  • Rigid Foamed


  • Durability
  • Easy to process
  • Insulation value

Product Application

  • Cold chambers
  • Cold rooms
  • Cool cabinets
  • Refrigerators


  • Increased efficiency

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