Meet Ines #BehindPLIXXENT

Today we would like to share with you another post of our #BehindPLIXXENT format. This time, meet Ines Beyrich, our dedicated Team Leader in Quality Control at #PLIXXENT. Ever wondered what makes the quality assurance job so exciting? Let’s find out!

❓ What do you like most about your work ❓
Many people think that quality insurance is a boring job because you do the same thing every day, but the opposite is true.
Every day is different and brings new challenges that make the job so #eXXiting. In Oldenburg, we have a huge portfolio, and every product is different. I love the challenges that my new job as a Team leader brings, as well as the close cooperation with all other departments internally and global. Although there are strict rules in quality control, you can also be creative and bring in new ideas and optimize and restructure existing processes.

❓ What are you looking forward to in the future ❓
I want to be part of it and actively contribute to how #PLIXXENT grows and conquers different markets.

❓ How would you describe the work at PLIXXENT in one word? ❓
Absolutely #challenging

Thank you so much Ines for the insights into your thoughts on working at PLIXXENT.
If any of you guys is ready to join our dynamic team in 2024, explore our current vacancies at or reach out to us at

#BetterTogether #QualityControlLeader #JoinOurTeam 🌟