Technical moulded parts

Technical Moulded Parts and components are manufactured from a wide variety of polyurethane systems to be utilized in almost countless industries and end products. From flexible to rigid to compact and semi rigid integral systems, each material has its own special area of application. For many of the examples described here you will find more […]

Edge protection

The robustness of polyurethane is valued as edge protection in various industries. It can be applied seamlessly, and both hardness and surface quality are fully adjustable. With a polyurethane casting system, a safe and high-quality edge protection is also possible for moulded parts with undercuts. The technique can be used for wider and softer personal […]

Abrasive pads

Abrasive pads with a base made of polyurethane are lightweight, flexible, ergonomic and highly efficient tools to achieve excellent results and perfectly smooth surfaces. In most aspects, polyurethane is superior to cork, paper or other materials used in this field. The diversity of polyurethane abrasive pads – both in performance and appearance – is almost […]

Artificial stone

Lifelike polyurethane stone replicas are used indoors and outdoors in scenery design, on stage sets and for leisure activities, i.e. for climbing walls. The design possibilities of polyurethane are almost unlimited. Due to the high degree of freedom and the possibility of creating variable surfaces, stone edges can be realistically reproduced. Sharp-edged break-offs however are […]

Conveyor belts

Wherever automated work steps are carried out constantly and at specified speeds, conveyor belts are in use. This includes a wide variety of industrial sectors, from the packaging industry to sorting plants to airports. Polyurethane coatings can be used to produce individual surface finishes ranging from smooth to anti-slip. Different carrier materials are used depending […]

Diversified Industries

Polyurethane is one of the most versatile raw materials of all. It is almost impossible to assign every single known application to its own industry category. And much more important: the ideas for the application of our powerful systems are far from exhausted. With its outstanding properties in so many areas, from light weight to ease […]