Automotive exterior

With compact and reinforced polyurethane almost any geometry is possible. That includes, but is not limited to, bumpers, fenders, spoilers, or even body Frame components for caravans. For extremely large composite products, such as roof modules for commercial vehicles, polyurethane serves as a core material. Combined with in-mould-coating, polyurethane is a low cost way to […]

Automotive interior

The look, touch and functionality of automotive interior design is a major factor when it comes to consumers’ purchasing decisions. From a soft touch for increased comfort to insulation, from protective energy absorption for passenger protection to a high-quality appearance – combined with functional additives, polyurethane can achieve extraordinary properties, that can be utilised in […]

Automotive seating

When it comes to seat cushions, flexibility isn’t limited to the adjustable properties of the foam. The flexibility to achieve varying properties within one part is equally important. Our highly durable, comfortable and flexible polyurethane solutions for automotive seating can be applied in everything from the seat cushion to arm rests, headrests and lumbar support […]


From passenger cars to commercial, agricultural or recreational vehicles, polyurethane is an ideal product to produce various parts inside and outside of any kind of vehicle. The variety of automotive applications is large, as polyurethane offers multiple unique benefits in comparison to alternative materials and its properties can be adjusted to the needs of the part. […]