Commercial appliances

Stores the cold where it belongs

Be it food processing, freezing or refrigerated storage – in cold stores and similar facilities, the excellent thermal properties of polyurethane ensure a temperature-controlled environment. Very low temperatures don’t harm the material, and the closed-cell nature of the core means that moisture cannot penetrate.

Our systems offer a wide range of parameters such as density, flame retardancy, and insulation properties. Depending on the application, we can adapt the system to the customer’s requirements and processing possibilities.

Product Type

  • Flexible Compact
  • Flexible Foamed
  • Rigid Compact
  • Rigid Foamed


  • 3D cavity seal
  • Dimensional stability
  • Insulation value
  • Light weight
  • Stiffness

Product Application

  • Commercial appliances
  • Cool cabinets
  • Refrigerators


  • Increased efficiency

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